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Night Photography – 7 Tips for How to Shoot Photos at Night

Shooting at night is all about being prepared and experimenting with your camera’s various settings. Here are some things to consider in order to make the most of your night photography:

  1. Scout your location.

Given that you will be working in the dark, scout your location to plan your images before shooting. Make note of any possible challenges or obstacles. Is the site lit with artificial light? Do the lights change colors? What angle looks best? How can you best maximize the light you have?

  1. Prepare for long periods outside.

When shooting at night, prepare to be outside for long periods of time. It takes time and effort to get great night photography shots, from setting up the tripod and camera to adjusting the camera settings for proper exposure time

  1. Bring a flashlight.

Even with ambient urban light, it still might be difficult to see your camera’s manual controls or see the screws for your tripod. A small flashlight is a useful light source as you make your way through the night. You might even be able to use it to light part of your image.

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  1. Shoot in manual mode.

The shooting manual gives you total control over your camera’s settings. Since nighttime photography requires you to work slowly and methodically, take the time to get your settings right.

  1. Keep your camera’s ISO as low as possible.

You might think that working with low light would require a high ISO setting, but that could be a mistake. The higher your ISO, the more grain becomes an issue, so you’ll want to go as low as possible. Take a couple of test shots at various ISO settings.

  1. Use a tripod for long exposures.

Nighttime photography usually requires long shutter speeds of 10 seconds or more so you can soak as much light up from your environment as possible. How do you keep your shot focused for 10 or more seconds? For that, you’re going to need a sturdy tripod.

  1. Make sure you’re shooting RAW.

The downgrade in quality that JPEG introduces can kill your nighttime shots, so stick with RAW. You’ll be thankful to be working with unprocessed images if you want to play around with your colors in post-processing.

video conferencing tips

Video Conferencing Tips for Better Virtual Interview

Whether you are in the midst of interviewing virtually, your friend is, or you are planning to soon, these tips will help you stand out from other candidates. First impressions are important in interviews. These tips will help you make a great virtual first impression.

5 Video Conferencing Tips for Your Better Virtual Interview.

  1. Test Your Technology

First things first. Test everything before you begin your video conference call. You should perform a quick test run to ensure the software is working just as it should.

  1. Dress Code

Research the company’s culture and dress one level above. For example, if you are interviewing at an extremely corporate company, wear a suit. If you are interviewing with a more casual company, wear a nice collared shirt or blouse.

  1. Prepare as you would for any other meeting

One of the worst mistakes someone can make when leading a virtual meeting is being unprepared. There’s nothing worse than fumbling through files, internet tabs, or a messy desktop while your participants have to sit and wait for you. If you have documents to share, have them pulled up and ready to go.

  1. Video Conferencing Lighting

Lighting is the most important element of looking professional in an interview. Make sure you are well lit and your lighting matches the ambiance of your room. We created our Video Conference Lighting to have a bi-color and adjustable brightness option to ensure that you would be able to get the perfect color and brightness for every situation.

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  1. Find a Quiet Environment

Finding a quiet, non-interrupted space can be hard right now if you have 3 roommates or bothersome siblings. But, kindly give your family and housemates a heads up before you go live on your interview that you need 20-30 minutes of no interruption.

Use these 5 video conferencing tips and tricks to put your best foot forward in your next virtual meeting. By doing so, you’ll appear confident while getting your message across flawlessly.

national high-tech enterprise

Youyang Was Awarded the Title of National High-tech Enterprise Again

Recently, Youyang officially received the certificate of “National High-tech Enterprise” jointly issued by Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Finance, and Shenzhen Municipal Taxation Bureau, Certificate No. GR202144200448 and the validity time is three years. That is the second time our company awarded the certificate which is a reaffirmation of our company’s technology and innovation ability by the industry and society; it is a praise and encouragement to our employees for their years of hard work and technical achievements.

national high-tech enterprise

national high-tech enterprise

Youyang will continue to vigorously enhance the core competitiveness of enterprise R&D, strengthen intellectual property management, expand more products, and highlight the cultivation of innovation ability to provide efficient products and solutions for our customers.

National High-tech Enterprise Identification Requirements:

  • Registered for more than one year.
  • With core intellectual property.
  • The enterprise plays a core supporting role in its main products or services in technology (which belong to the “High-tech Fields Supported by the Country”).
  • The proportion of the number of scientific and technical personnel engaged in R&D and related technological innovation activities to the total number of employees in the company for the year is not less than 10%.
  • The proportion of total research and development expenses in the past three years to total sales revenues in the same period has met the corresponding requirements.
  • The proportion of high-tech products or service revenues to the company’s total revenues over the same period is not less than 60% for the recent year.
  • Evaluation of corporate innovation capabilities meets corresponding requirements.
  • No major safety, quality accidents, or serious environmental violations have occurred in recent years.
2022 lunar new year

2022 Lunar New Year Holiday Notice

Dear valued customers,

We appreciate all your support to UYLED in the past year. Our office will close from 22nd January to 8th February 2022 due to the Chinese Lunar New Year, and we will be back to work on 9th February 2019. Thank you for your kind understanding and wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!

BSCI Audit Report

BSCI Audit Report Avaiable Now

Shenzhen Youyang Technology Co., Ltd. has got BSCI audit report in 2021. The DBID is 408911. The BSCI is widely recognized by the international market due to its global influence, wide industry coverage, and rigorous audit process. The BSCI audit report covers a range of corporate social responsibility performance. It includes freedom of association, right to collective bargaining, prohibition of discrimination, working hours, workplace safety, prohibition of child labor and forced labor, etc.  Our company’s overall rating is C (acceptable), check the details of the audit report below, which is audited by the SGS company. Access for the complete report, entitled users only.


2019 lunar new year holiday notice

2019 Lunar New Year Holiday Notice

Dear valued customers,

We appreciate all your support to UYLED in the past year. Our office will close from January 30th, 2019 to February 13th, 2019 due to Lunar New Year, and back to the office on February 14th, 2019. Thank you for your kind understanding and wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!

Shenzhen Youyang Technology Co., Ltd
20th Jan, 2019

3 days tour enriching company culture

3 Days Tour in Huizhou for Enriching Company Culture

Tourism activities are an integral part of corporate culture and a symbol of employee care. This year we came to the beautiful Huidong County with sunshine, beaches and waves. During the three days, our team visited the famous scenic spot of Huidong, Xunliao Bay, Shuangyue Bay, and watched the thrilling performance of Huajiaban car stunts, etc. At the same time, we have added a lot of team activities in this event, in order to strengthen communication between colleagues, enrich the company culture, improve teamwork ability and team cohesion.

company culture

In order to motivate the staff, we set up the points system and the game time. Each person can get points for his or her good behavior. If win the game, the person or the group will get a lot of points. On the last day of the event, the leader awarded the first three special gift prizes according to the score ranking.

cooperate culture

company culture

This event provided a chance to us to relax fully and enjoys the beauty of beach. Moreover, While enjoying the beauty of nature, we also felt the joy of harmonious team life and strengthened communication between departments and colleagues. And it contributes to creating a more harmonious team and enriching cooperate culture.

alibaba supplier assessment

Alibaba SGS Supplier Assessment

In May 2017, Shenzhen Zhongyihai Technology Co., Ltd and its shareholder, Shenzhen Youyang Technology Co., Ltd. passed the certification of Alibaba supplier assessment. That’s means we became a member of Supplier Assessment. Besides, we have been inspected onsite by SGS Group, a third-party verification agency. They offer Assessment Reports and Verified Videos. This gives customers trust and authoritative information about suppliers. assessed supplier

Supplier Assessment consists of 3 parts: Assessment Reports, Verified Main Products and Verified Video. On the other side, assessed suppliers offer 10 times more verified information than other suppliers. You can find our Alibaba site here:

Our main products include LED camping lights, LED diving flashlight, LED emergency lights, LED floor lamps, LED desk lamps and LED fill light. The products passed CE, RoHS, FCC certificates. Our camping lights are very popular in the fishing industry in Europe. You can check the products here: Our products are selling to all over the world, like America, Europe, Japan, and Korea, etc.

camping outdoors

10 Things You Should Always Bring When Camping Outdoors

It is essential to know what you should include while camping outdoors. Here’s a not-to-be-forgotten list of camping essentials:

1. Solar-powered batteries: Mobile phones, GPS locater and palmtops are omnipresent gadgets. But you might not always get a power outlet. Solar-powered batteries allow you to continue using your devices.

2. Lightweight LED light: It’s crucial to have torch lights or flashlight. It’s better for waterproof light. They are handy at nighttime if you need to check out anything.

3. Insect repellent: Whether a spray or ointment, never go camping without one, especially if you are prone to bug bites, and especially if you have children along.

4. Trash bags: Respect the outdoor environment. Do not litter. Always throw in a packet of huge black bags in your camper to contain the trash that you create outdoors. All waste must be discarded properly.

5. Water and extra food: Carry more water and food than what you think you might need. In emergencies, it will be very useful in saving you from starvation or dehydration, especially if you have kids camping with you.

6. Warm outerwear and gloves: Outdoor areas like forests, lakes or mountains are open to inclement weather even at the best of times. It’s sensible to bring weatherproof jackets and gloves to keep comfortable.

7. Take the camera: Pack in a camera and related equipment with extra batteries. Remember to clear memory cards on digital cameras or carry extra film for film cameras.

8. Match boxes or lighters: It might become essential to light a fire (to stay warm or flash signals). Having match boxes or candle-lighters is always a good idea. Fires have saved lives.

9. First-aid kit: You should carry one with medicine for cuts, scrapes, bug bites, poison ivy, burns and other minor injuries. It’s also important to have medicine for aches, pains and tummy upsets.

10. Sturdy footwear: Hiking boots or heavy sneakers are smart things to bring camping. They reduce risk of falling, support ankles, and generally keep you out of harm’s way in the great outdoors.

bike light

Why Bike Lights Are Important Even in Daylight?

Every bicycle when in use during the hours of darkness shall be equipped with a lamp on the front of bicycle. The primary purpose of bike light is not only so that motor vehicles can see you, but also you can see. “Being seen” is also as important during the day as it is at night.

According to the statistics of bike/car incidents, the common thread in nearly every one of these incidents is that the car driver was not aware of the cyclist until it was too late and often not until the moment of impact. The most common accident involves a left-turning car driver who simply does not see the oncoming cyclist.

Awareness is the key. Cyclists simply do not have the mass or size of a car and are essentially invisible to motorists. Furthermore, there are not enough cyclists on the roads to make an impact. The car driver is not accustomed to seeing cyclists on the road and, therefore, cyclists are not on the driver’s radar screen.

If a car driver only sees the occasional cyclist, he does not have a heightened awareness or an anticipatory thought process — “Before I change lanes, I better look over my shoulder to see if there is a cyclist to my right.” Or, “Although there are no cars approaching, I better scan to check for cyclists.” Until there is a dramatic increase in the number of cyclists sharing the road with cars, this automatic, reflexive thought process on the part of motor vehicle drivers will not occur.

Besides encouraging everyone we know to commute by bike, what can cyclists do to immediately raise awareness? The answer: Buy a strobe and use it as a daytime running light. Motorcycles are required in many states to have their headlamp on during daylight hours and most new cars have headlights that automatically come on when the car is running. The logic is simple. While daytime use of such lights does not help a cyclist or motorcyclist see any better, it dramatically increases the cyclist’s visibility to others.

Over the past few years, the market has been flooded with an abundance of small, lightweight and inexpensive LED strobes. The lights are simple to use and clip onto your handlebars or helmet in seconds.

Using one of these inexpensive LED strobes during the day is the simplest and maybe the most effective thing you can do to increase your visibility during the daylight areas.