RGB Studio Video Light – FL100R

Product Description:

The FL100R RGB studio video light has five lighting modes. The CCT mode offers a color temperature of 2000 to 10000K with an impressive CRI rating of 95 and plus/minus green control. The FL100R is also accessible to full color gamut with HIS, digital gel, RGBCW, CIE X, Y coordinates modes. Besides user-programmable presets, the FL100R RGB studio video light has 14 special effects including Warning, Flash, Paparazzi, Candle, TV, and Fire.

All of these adjustments can be made locally on the control board or remotely via DMX and e-Link app. The FL100R has a wide 120-degree beam spread that can be narrowed with the light’s four-way barn doors included. Simply swing one or more of the barndoor’s leaves into the path of the beam to light areas that you want to. The light runs on AC power via the included adapter, but you can also run it on external batteries when mains power is unavailable. It can mount on a light stand using its built-in, rotating yoke.