2-in-1 camping lantern

New UY-H03 LED Camping Lantern Released

UYLED recently released a new 2-in-1 LED camping lantern. This product features IP65 waterproof and strong magnetic, which means you don’t need to worry about the sudden rain during camping, but also free your hands for you can attach the lamp to the ferrous metal surface or hang it anywhere via metal ring on one end of the lantern. The compact design allows it to occupy only a small space in your backpack. In camping lantern mode, you can adjust the brightness for use in different scenes.

lantern flashlight

In addition, this product can also be used as a flashlight. One end of the lamp is equipped with a strong LED bead with a range of up to 100 meters. Flashlight brightness can also be adjusted with low and high two levels. At the same time, it has a flash emergency function, so that you can use it for emergency in the outdoors. The product comes with a 1/4 standard nut that can be fixed on a bicycle for night riding. For more information about this product, please click here.