camping outdoors

10 Things You Should Always Bring When Camping Outdoors

It is essential to know what you should include while camping outdoors. Here’s a not-to-be-forgotten list of camping essentials:

1. Solar-powered batteries: Mobile phones, GPS locater and palmtops are omnipresent gadgets. But you might not always get a power outlet. Solar-powered batteries allow you to continue using your devices.

2. Lightweight LED light: It’s crucial to have torch lights or flashlight. It’s better for waterproof light. They are handy at nighttime if you need to check out anything.

3. Insect repellent: Whether a spray or ointment, never go camping without one, especially if you are prone to bug bites, and especially if you have children along.

4. Trash bags: Respect the outdoor environment. Do not litter. Always throw in a packet of huge black bags in your camper to contain the trash that you create outdoors. All waste must be discarded properly.

5. Water and extra food: Carry more water and food than what you think you might need. In emergencies, it will be very useful in saving you from starvation or dehydration, especially if you have kids camping with you.

6. Warm outerwear and gloves: Outdoor areas like forests, lakes or mountains are open to inclement weather even at the best of times. It’s sensible to bring weatherproof jackets and gloves to keep comfortable.

7. Take the camera: Pack in a camera and related equipment with extra batteries. Remember to clear memory cards on digital cameras or carry extra film for film cameras.

8. Match boxes or lighters: It might become essential to light a fire (to stay warm or flash signals). Having match boxes or candle-lighters is always a good idea. Fires have saved lives.

9. First-aid kit: You should carry one with medicine for cuts, scrapes, bug bites, poison ivy, burns and other minor injuries. It’s also important to have medicine for aches, pains and tummy upsets.

10. Sturdy footwear: Hiking boots or heavy sneakers are smart things to bring camping. They reduce risk of falling, support ankles, and generally keep you out of harm’s way in the great outdoors.