floodlight led flashlight

New Product Released – UY-Q8T Floodlight LED Flashlight

In the beginning of 2017, a new product was released under expectation. It’s model Q8T floodlight led flashlight with flood light, one of Q8 series product.

It has similar appearance with Q8. But big difference is Q8T has a spot light in one end. You can adjust the brightness and it has SOS and blinking mode. You also can change the spot light mode to flood light easily. We use die-casting aluminum material for the back and durable plastic for the lighting cover, so it’s light wight and easy to carry. When you want to see far distance, you can turn on the spot light by press the switch twice. When you need to light up the close object, the floodlight can make you see clearly. You can take the two in one flashlight to everywhere you want to go.

This light is suitable for outdoor camping, fishing, hiking .etc. It will make your outdoor life more convenient. For more information of Q8T led flashlight, click here.