waterproof led camping bulb

Camping Accessories : Waterproof LED Camping Bulb for Tent

If you love outdoor life, like camping, hiking, fishing, there is a thing you need to take for light up the night. Yes, that is camping lamp or camping flashlight. You can find varieties of lamps and flashlights on online. But most of flashlights are spot light. waterproof led camping bulb

Youyang has a waterproof led camping bulb. It can be used as a small flood light to light up your tent. You can hang it on your tent roof to make the surroundings more brighter. It’s dimmable and there are three modes for your choice. The first level is night light mode. You can turn it on when sleeping. The brightest level is up to 150 lumens. Anther feature is IP64 water-resistant. You don’t need to worry it will break down when it’s raining. What’s more, it contains lithium battery and you can charge it with usb charger. For more details, please click here.