car emergency light

New Product Launch – Multi-purpose Car Emergency Light

Model: UY-303

UYLED recently announced the launch of a new product UY-303 multi-purpose car emergency light. It’s a totally new design item. This innovative product is multi-functional and can be used in many situations.

new product launch - multi-purpose car emergency light

It was originally designed for car emergency. There is a strong magnet in the LED light base. So it can easily attach on the car once there is a situation where the tire is busted and you you need to change it in dark night. And you can use it as flashlight. Brightness can be adjusted to meet different needs. More important, you can change the light into red SOS light once you need help in outside.

new product launch - multi-purpose car emergency light 2

You will never think of it is also a desk lamp. The light panel is flexible to adjusted almost 360 degree. It’s very stable and you can hang it via the hook on the lamp base. The brightness is also dimmable and 3 levels for white light. Another highlight is that it can be a power supply for your mobile devices. There is 4000mA polymer battery inside of the lamp and it takes 7-9 hours to fully charged. The material of the lamp bottom is hard die-casting aluminum, so you even can use it as survival hammer.

new product launch - multi-purpose car emergency light 3

UYLED always stick to developing innovative products to our customers. For more details of this car emergency light, please click here.