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LED Light Maintenance – 5 Tips for How to Maintain Your LED Lighting

LED Light Maintenance – 5 Tips for How to Maintain Your LED Lighting

On average, the lifetime of most LEDs is around 50,000 hours. It has even been estimated that LEDs could last up to 100,000 hours in the next five years. However, it doesn’t mean the light will last that long. Because the lifetime is also related with other components. That why it’s necessary for LED light maintenance. Do you want your LED lighting to work a long time? Here are some tips about how to maintain them.

Choose Appropriate LEDs

There are many choice for LEDs in the market. It’s important to invest in a quality product for that it can minimize the cost of maintenance. You also need to make sure the color temperature, lumen, color rendering index are what you want. The another thing you need notice, to inquiry about anything that can potentially damage the light or reduce its efficiency from the manufacturer.

Read User Manual before Use

Usually you can find the warning in the user manual. This part is what you should need to notice for it can decrease the trouble you may meet in the future. And don’t randomly disassemble the light without instruction. It may damage the circuit and have a bad influence on the lifetime.

Clean Them Regularly

Although LEDs greatly reduce a lot of money on led light maintenance, all lights, even LEDs, still need regular maintenance like clearance. The dust and debris of inside and outside could cause shortages. Units of the lighting need to be cleaned regularly. It’s helpful to extend the lifetime of use.

Avoid High Temperature and Humidity

The environment, including working temperature and storing temperature, is a very important factor in the lifetime of LED lights. Too hot or too wet environment will decrease the working time of lights for it will affect the electronic components inside.

Perform Inspections

Make sure that you perform occasional inspections on your LED lights. LED lights need to be used regularly for checking whether it is working well or not. If they are broken down, you will find it and repair them earlier.

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