remote control led camping lamp

Camping essential: perfect remote control LED camping lamp

Are you going to go camping? Do you want to find the perfect lamp for camping lighting? If yes, here is a suggestion for you, that is remote control LED camping lamp, which is said to be the best and perfect lamp for camping lighting. Now, let’s see more details about this lamp together in the following.


This lamp is made of high quality pure aluminum and pc plastic, fairly practical and durable for camping lighting. As a LED light, the life span of this lamp is over 36,000 hours, quite durable for long time use. Powered by rechargeable lithium batteries, this lamp can work and perform well for you.


It’s excellent and amazing in lighting. It can produce bright white light with low consumption, There are 4 modes, white light, red light, red blinking and red SOS. You can adjust the mode of this light to meet various lighting requirements. It can be used for normal lighting, but also a singal for emgency. What’s more, it can be controlled by the remote in your hand.And it can be hung on the top to illuminate the whole camp with hook or attached on the tent via metal strip on the outside. It is also convenient and safe to carry. It is no doubt that this lamp is perfect and ideal for camping. Except that, this light is also suitable for hiking, reading, fishing, car repairs and other outdoor activities, fairly useful and practical in lighting.
In short, this high quality LED camping lamp is perfect and great for camping lighting. If you are about to go camping, this lamp is definitely the best option for you to have.

multi-function emergency lamp

Multi-function Emergency Lamp UY-Q508

UY-Q508 is a multi-function emergency lamp,the best selling point for the lamp is we can power on this lamp with a power bank. It has three sizes, 20cm length, Read more

q7 led camping light

Q7 LED Camping Light For Camping

Are you going to go camping? If yes, you are suggested to get Q7 LED Camping Light for camping. This light is an ideal and excellent lighting tool for you to have, particularly when you are about to go camping. The passage here will introduce you this light in details, allowing you to have a clear mind of why this light is recommended to you.

outdoor lantern

This Outdoor Lantern light is a high quality and high-efficient portable camping light. It has low power consumption with bright white light, and the life span of LED is more 36,000 hours, extremely practical and durable for illumination. If you apply it for use, it can light up well for you for a super long time. Powered by lithium batteries, this light can last for 5 to 72 hours.

This Q7 LED Camping Light has three size that is 14cm size Q7M, 26cm size Q7 and 39cm size Q7S. You can choose the different size you need or want to meet various requirements.

camping hiking

Moreover, this light is super lightweight, and it can be hung on the top to illuminate the whole camp. This feature of this light makes it ideal and perfect for camping lighting. If you are going to go camping, this light is a useful and practical equipment for you to take with. This light is really great and excellent for outdoor or indoor illumination, particularly for climbing or camping.

Getting Q7 LED Camping Light for camping seems to be a good and right decision, which can be observed from the above easily and clearly. If you often go camping, you can bring this light with you as it really useful and practical in lighting, allowing you to have a great fun of camping while outside.

led smart lighting

LED Smart Lighting Colorful Floor Lamp

Our R&D group took more than 1 year, finally we got this smart lighting.This colorful LED floor lamp is fabulous which can controlled by our digital mobile phone and Ipad.It has 1600 dimmable colors,And there are 5models for choosing.
This is the best lamp for your smart home led smart lighting .We will develop more smart lighting in the future.Thank you very much for your always support.



led outdoor solar camping lamp

LED Outdoor Solar Camping Lamp UY-30S

UY-30S is a LED outdoor solar camping lamp. The lights is equivalent to 40W, 350lm incandescent lamp. It is a good equipment for outdoor night activities, liking, camping, fishing, cycling .etc. The color temperature is 5500K pure white and the lowest grade can last long to 52 hours after full charge.

The battery capacity is 10400mAh and it can work power bank function to charge phones or other devices. The another feature is that you can charge it via both solar panel and usb cable. What’s more,  It has four levels brightness and a SOS mode for emergency. This  multi-purpose led light will make your outdoor life more colorful if you take it go outside.