IR Remote Control Waterproof Camping Light

IR Remote Control Waterproof Camping Light – Q7 with Remote

According to the needs from our customers, we made a IR remote control waterproof camping light (UY-Q7IR) based on our current model UY-Q7. We added IR remote control function on it.

ir remote control waterproof camping light

This item has five features you may concern:

IP68 Waterproof

The IP rating of this lamp is IP68, the highest level of waterproof and dust-proof performance. And we have made the test of waterproof. It can operate normally underwater 2 meters. You can take the lamp to dive in shallow water. Also you can use it for kinds of outdoor activities.

Shockproof and Drop-resistant

It passed 3 meters drop test and also survived after ran over by trunk. Please check the video of the test by click here. So you don’t need to worry it will be broken if drop it on the floor .

USB Chargeable

There are micro USB port and universal USB output in the end of the lamp. Take off the cap and you will see them. You can use USB cable to charge the lamp. Lithium battery 3.7V 5200mAh. It takes about 4 hours to fully charged via 5V 2A adapter. The running time can be up to 72 hours on the lowest modes, 10 hours on the middle level and about 5 hours on the highest level. It can meet your needs for different occasions.

Power Supply Function

As mentioned above, it has a USB output port. You can use it to charge phone, iPad and other mobile devices via the USB cable. It has USB intelligent chip which can identify the devices connected.

IR Remote Control

The lamp has 4 modes, 3 levels brightness and flash light. You can adjust brightness by the remote. The remote controlled range is 10 meters. Also you can press the glow switch on another end of the lamp.

This lamp is suitable for outdoor activities, like camping, fishing, hiking, night cycling, etc. And it also can be a emergency lamp for household. For more details of the ir remote control waterproof camping light, please click here.