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LED Light Is Broken Down Easier in Summer, Why?

Did you ever find that whatever LED bulb, LED ceiling light, LED desk lamp, LED flood light, LED light is more frequantly broken down in summer. Do you know why?

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The only answer is that the heat dissipation capability of lamp is low. The weather in summver is relatively high and LED lamp also heats at the same time, then the lamp burns out.

So what is the reason for that?

1. Lamps thermal conductivity material is not enough. Like the existing low-quality bulb plastic, it doesn’t have heat radiator, and the heat can not give off. How could it be broken down?

2. The design of lamp is not reasonable. Most of lamps don’t have heat dissipation structure, and people assemble the parts directly not through scientific experiments?

3. The environment is irrational. LED lighting installation requires a certain amount of cooling space to heat. The installation environment is wet, LED lamps is also easy to bad, because LED lamps contain electronic components. It will affect the lamp lifetime.

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To sum up, in summer, LED lighting is easily broken down, the main reason is the quality of the lamp and the way of how you use it. problem. That is why you need to pay attention to the above point when you buy and use LED lamp.