New Product Release | LUXCEO Mood1 RGB Mood Light

When it comes to mood light, we can always think of soft light and colorful lights. As living standards rose, everyone has a higher pursuit of quality of life, and the demand for atmosphere lamps are also increasing. In order to meet the needs of the market, the LUXCEO team recently launched a new RGB ambient light-Mood1. The product features:

mood light

1. Multiple colors and light effects

81 pieces of selected RGB lamp beads to produce 7 light colors, and 63 combinational light effects.

2. Easy to adjust light color and brightness

There are 9 buttons at the handle which make it easy to adjust the light color and brightness.

3. Music modes to create a dynamic atmosphere

Mood1 has a built-in microphone. When the music mode is turned on, the light syncs with the music and rhythm.

4. Three sizes for option

No cords are needed, it is powered by an internal lithium-ion battery that lasts a long time. 50cm, 85cm, and 120cm, three sizes are available.

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