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New Product Release | LUXCEO V01 Video Conferencing Light

Video conferencing, particularly while working from home, unleashes a wealth of great benefits for productivity and quality of life. But one thing it hasn’t done is make us look better. Poor lighting in a video conferencing setup can make you look washed out, tired, uncaring, or even ill.

In the business world, looking sharp conveys professionalism, and it can even increase your confidence and earning potential. Since most of us are fed up with looking less than our best in an increasing barrage of conference calls, so we made this video conferencing light – V01 conferencing light.

V01 video conferencing light

The features of V01 conferencing light:

  1. Three Color Temperature

Warm white, white, cool white, color temperature is adjustable.

  1. Adjustable Brightness

10 levels of brightness are adjustable.

  1. High CRI, Ra>95

Professional color quality to make you look better in video conferencing.

  1. Softening Diffuser Included

The silicone softening diffuser makes the light softer and more comfortable.

  1. Adjustable Clip

The adjustable angle of the clip is up to 158 degrees. It is compatible with most tablets, laptops, and computer screens.

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