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Tips to Pack Light for Long Hiking

When you are planning to hike for an extended period of time, you should know of the value of lightening your backpack. Lightening up your load may be a daunting task, especially when you want to carry everything you need for a long hiking. A lighter backpack can help you hike better for a longer period, prevent your back and knees from injuring, and help you enjoy the overall venture even more. For those, and more reasons, here are 12 tips that can help you lighten the load but still carry everything you need.

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1. Go with the lightest equipment possible

Normally, the lighter the item, the more expensive it might be. Select the lightest sleeping bag, backpack, shelter, light according to your budget (try to do your best with these three items). Then replace other heavy items with lighter alternatives.

2. Only take what you need

This might be one of the most important tips. Take only what you need, not what might be useful on the road. Sure, there are certain “luxuries” you can carry –like books, electronics, other items for comfort and entertainment– but don’t go overboard with them, and if possible, look for lighter alternatives. A good packing phrase: “Pack everything you think you will need, then get rid of half of it”. See a list of 15 things you don’t need to pack, but usually make their way into the backpack.

3. Try dehydrated food and consume the heaviest one first

Try the powder based juices, dry thin paper soaps (really light), and other dehydrated alternatives, It will reduce a log of amount of weight in contrast to adding liquid into your backpack. If you’re carrying snack and food for your long hike, you might notice that they tend to take a considerable amount of space and add significant weight. Try eating the heaviest and most perishable items first.

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4. Carry a lightweight waterproof LED light

The LED light makes sure that you can see the surroundings at night. The waterproof function makes it can still work for raining. The light will be great if it has red light for attraction if you need help. There is a item you may be interested in., please click here for more details.

5. Learn some skills

Learning “survival” skills will help you overcome many situations with minimal equipment or supplies, thus reducing your backpack load. This expertise is acquired through experience. The more you do backcountry hiking, the more experience you gain and the more innovative you become. This will help you be more practical on every trip.